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European Tourist Guide - your guide to a nice holiday in Europe. This guide is a family oriented guide, which can be used for planning a holiday anywhere in Europe. We try all the time to make it better and keep it up to date, but we would very much like your help to make our guide even better. 

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The information on this guide is collected over many years by a small group of people, who always tries to find the most relevant information on the Internet about tourist sites and attractions all over Europe. Information - and pictures - are also collected via our own visits to many European countries during many years.

If your favourite tourist sight, attractions or stay is not already a part of the European Tourist Guide, then please
contact us via e-mail:



Please include a link ( to the site that you feel should be a part of European Tourist Guide. If you do not have a link to the home page, then just send us all the information that you have, and we will try to find the home page.


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If you have any digital pictures/photos (taken by you) from a tourist site, that you want to share with our users, you are always welcome to send these to us via e-mail:

In your e-mail you must write that you give full access to use these pictures on our guide - free of charge. We will then add them to our guide with a notice telling our users that you are the photographer. See example here:


If possible we would like at least 6 pictures or more in a "good quality" and size (preferred minimum is 900x600 pixels). Is is better that the size and quality is to high than to low. We preserve the right to "cut" and modify the pictures into the size and shape that we need for the guide.

Linnanmaki Amusement Park - Helsinki - Finland - European Tourist Guide -

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Almost all kinds of tourist related sights and attractions in Europe - this can be places like attraction or fun parks, museums, parks, zoos, historical museums, buildings and many others - are welcome to join the European Tourist Guide - and it is:

free of charge

All kinds of tourist related places to stays in Europe - this means Camping sites, Hostels, Hotels etc., are also very welcome to join the European Tourist Guide - and it is:  

free of charge

This guide also contains links to other relevant tourist information. This can be car rental companies, airlines, ferries, trains etc - and it is  

free of charge

If you are the representative of a tourist sigh, attraction or a place to stay, then you must tell us, where you want to have your link placed within our guide (eg. country, region, type etc.). 

All of this is free of charge

but you might want to look at our many possibilities of sponsorship and advertising

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European Tourist Guide reserves the right to decide in each case if a "link" is relevant or not. If a link is not deemed relevant - or if it conflicts with our idea of creating a guide for the entire family, the link will not be accepted.

Links to smaller tour boat companies, tour buses, water ski rental, ski rental, paragliding, surfing schools etc. are normally not accepted.  

Web sites with many pop-ups, adds or other "strange" behaviour will not be added - or they will be removed, if they have already been added. This also applies to pages with a content that is not in line with our idea of a family friendly site.

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At European Tourist Guide we try all the time to make sure that all of our information is valid. But sometimes we do make mistakes or companies move their web-sites to a new name, so that we get a "broken link".

If you find any type of mistake or broken link on, then please tell us about it, so that we can correct it. 

The best way to contact us is via e-mail.



Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site - Munich/München - Germany - European Tourist Guide -